DrupalDownunder 2011 — all wrapped up!

DrupalDownunder 2011 is all wrapped up. We had an amazing time and an amazing journey getting to this point. Thanks to everyone for contributing to the success of the day. The Keynotes, the Sponsors, the volunteers, the Brisbane Team, the Liasons, the Presenters and mainly thanks to the community for plugging into this and making it the success it was.

We're really looking forward to DrupalDownunder 2012 in Melbourne and wish Brian and Jane from Realityloop all the best! Let's get behind these guys to make DrupalDownunder 2012 a bigger and better event than 2011! Onwards and upwards!

Thanks for all your feedback and we'll be posting up a survey soon!

Jeff and Sheree

DrupalDownunder 2011 starts tomorrow!!

Really excited that DrupalDownunder begins tomorrow!!

Was great to meet some of you at Grand Central Hotel tonight and look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Jeff and Sheree
& the DrupalDownunder Team

New Sponsors — Gold and Bronze

We've two more sponsors to announce!!

Cross Functional is the latest Gold sponsor. CrossFunctional is a Sydney-based online solutions provider with proven expertise in Drupal, WordPress and other open source systems. Thanks for your generosity towards making DrupalDownunder a fantastic event!!

Our latest bronze is Catalyst. Catalyst's long-standing commitment to free and open standards and technologies has gained us an international reputation for development, integration and support services.

Catalyst willingly sponsored DrupalDownunder despite print materials already having been submitted and knowingly missing out on a advertising placement on the banners and signs — talk about passion for the community! Thanks for your generosity!!

Schedule Released!

The schedule is now up — check out the menu above! ;)

For those of you worried about DrupalDownunder and the flooding, we're still all set to go — you'll be the first to know if things change but at this stage we're still a definite. We'll be providing updates as we have them.

Keep safe Brisbanites and see the rest of you Downunder!

Latest Silver Sponsor: Microsoft

We're pleased to announce the latest Silver Sponsor Microsoft. The Microsoft Web Platform gives you the framework, web server, database and tools you need to build and run Web sites and applications on Windows®.

You know who they are and we're excited to have them on board!

Thanks Microsoft for your generosity towards making DrupalDownunder a successful event.

Happy New Year!! 17 days to go and counting!!

Happy New Year to one and all! We've got 17 days left until DrupalDownunder opens it's doors. All voting closes this Friday the 7th January, scheduling will occur over the weekend so make sure you let us know what topics you want to hear!

It's getting exciting over this way as we pull together the strings to make this an event to remember!

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and as gift we have decided to keep the early bird price in place until Christmas. So for the next 9 days the early bird price will still be available!. For those of you who are still contemplating whether to come but think you've missed your chance to get a bargain, go and grab this gift and sign up whilst the price is right. Spread the word and sign up now! :)

Another Silver Sponsor: Publicity Works

We're excited to announce another Silver Sponsor: Publicity Works Be Seen Be Heard. The average Australian is exposed to 1,586 marketing messages a day. Only 3 of these are SEEN and HEARD. With PublicityWorks' audience insight and cut-through creative, your message can be one of them.

Thanks Publicity Works for contributing to the success of DrupalDownunder!

More sponsors pouring in!

We're very excited to announce the second GOLD sponsor: Trellon .Trellon is a full-service Internet Strategy and Development firm specializing in open source software. They build web portals, content management systems, social networks, online communities, e-commerce and CRM solutions.

Thanks Trellon for your generosity towards making DrupalDownunder a successful event.

We're also excited to announce two more SILVER sponsors!

NetEngine At NetEngine, we design and build powerful, customised and feature-rich websites that attract clients to YOUR business. Our team of developers specialise in Drupal CMS to build high-quality extensible websites.

Connecting Up Australia Connecting Up Australia is a nonprofit organisation that works to strengthen the nonprofit and community sector in Australia by providing a variety of information, products, resources and programs. Our services are available to approximately 700,000 organisations across the nation. We also help to develop relationships with business, community and government sectors for capacity development.

Thanks to all companies for sponsoring DrupalDownunder!!

Session Proposals Open!

If you have a topic that you're enthused about and the desire to present it at DrupalDownunder, please submit your Session Proposal.

Don't forget to vote on what Sessions you'd be interested in attending. The hottest topics will be the ones that are accepted for the event so please register your interest!!

Lastly, the Early Bird Sale ends December 15 so don't forget to register before that date if you wish to keep your pennies for some extra Christmas loot. In fact, why don't you give your employees, your family, you spouse, a ticket to DrupalDownunder in their Christmas stocking! The best gift ever!

See you Downunder!

QLD FLOODS: DrupalDownunder update.