QLD Floods & DrupalDownunder 2011

We will be providing up-to-date information here regarding the impact of the Brisbane floods on DrupalDownunder, so please check back regularly.

Monday 17 Jan: 5:30 pm update

We appreciate your patience whilst we evaluated the information now available to us. The good news is that we are on track 100% to hold DrupalDownunder 2011 as planned. Yesterday (Sunday 16) we personally inspected the areas which were both badly flooded and which would impact DrupalDownunder travel the greatest (Milton Rd near MacDonalds, Coronation Drive, etc) and the cleanup crews have done an outstanding job. We can see no reason to cancel the event, and in fact believe that by the end of the week, you may not notice any great evidence of any flood having even happened just last week. The Brisbane community has pitched in with extraordinary vigour and made us proud. Come and support them as they return to their businesses and start life again. And overdose on Drupal at the same time! See you on the weekend.

Thursday 13 Jan: 3:30 pm update

The Brisbane river peaked early this morning and is now receding. Our venue, Bardon Conference Centre, is not one of the immediately affected areas, and whilst right now it would be impossible for many to reach by road, it is anticipated that these roads will be clear by this weekend, leaving a full week for the inner city to recover before the DrupalDownunder weekend.

Therefore, we would like to reassure all attendees that DrupalDownunder is still progressing, and we see no foreseeable circumstances to change this at this stage.

Tuesday 11 Jan

The floods are expected to peak in Brisbane on Thursday, and begin to subside on Saturday. The Bardon Conference Centre appears to be safe at this stage. If this is indeed the case, then DrupalDownunder will continue exactly as planned.

If flooding occurs at Bardon Conference Centre, DrupalDownunder will still be held but we will select an alternate venue.

If you would like to donate to the flood relief appeal, please visit http://www.qld.gov.au/floods/donate.html

QLD FLOODS: DrupalDownunder update.