The $100 Drupal Site

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Dave Hall
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Business & Strategy

Recently there has been some discussion about building Drupal sites for $100 a pop. During this presentation I will demonstrate how to sell Drupal sites for around 100USD and make a profit.
These sites will be pretty low traffic and targeting small businesses. The tools are available now to make this a reality. The sites will provide the following functionality to the customer:

  • Selection of themes with options for further customization
  • A range of content types: pages, blog posts, image galleries etc
  • Ability to enable/disable additional functionality as required - seen by users as site building blocks
  • Each site will have the possibility to be unique
  • Access to support resources

The service will include hosting for the first 12 months.
Come and learn how Drupal can be used to build such sites. This won't be a talk about Gardens.

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