Building and managing an enterprise Drupal distribution

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Christopher Skene
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Business & Strategy

The Australian National University lets every business area down to individual researchers operate their own "ANU" websites. In 2010, four Colleges (faculties) started working on a shared Drupal distribution for the University, "Acton". Drupal now powers the majority of ANU websites.

This case study will look at:

  • major challenges of building and managing a distribution
  • the importance of building the ANU Drupal community
  • reflections on managing a Drupal distribution
  • using Features in distributions
  • shared content using RDF

We'll also look at a specific implementation of the distribution for the 20+ business areas in the Colleges of Science, using Aegir.

If you are interested in this presentation, Fiona Bush has also proposed a session dealing with a specific implementation using parts of this distribution.

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