Building a document management system in drupal

Sunday 23rd January
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9:00 - 9:45am
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John Zornig
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Implementation & Config

I recently completed the development of a corporate document management system in drupal. This system replaces a largely manual and ad hoc set of business processes and a static website for corporate policy documents. The new system is fully dynamic with documents able to be edited and reviewed online according to a strict workflow while maintaining revisions and audit trails. One feature of the system is a flexible role assignment system where each document in the system may have different users assigned to roles within the workflow. The system is implemented in Drupal 6 using over 60 community modules and a minimum of bespoke code. It provides a great example of the flexibility and suitability of the drupal platform for custom application design.

The talk would cover:
1. Introduction to the requirements spec and the reasoning behind the choice of drupal.
2. The document content types and editing solution (cck, ckeditor)
3. Site navigation and document display (advanced book blocks, views etc.)
4. Workflow (revisioning, rules)
5. The access control (module grants, content access, nodeaccess user reference)

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