Case Study: Two regional tourism websites

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James Crook
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This session will look at two regional tourism websites created recently for different purposes and audiences.


My Geelong is designed to encourage interactivity and allow sharing of stories and photos between local residents and visitors.

Tourism Geelong identified that a large percentage of tourism is driven by visiting friends and relatives rather than the regional attractions that most tourism focuses on. So the My Geelong campaign aims to boost this sector by providing tools and incentives for people to promote the region to their own visitors.

The case study will walk through the scoping and theming of this project to look at how we designed the interactivity, what modules were used, and how the theme itself was developed.

Site: (new site still in development)

The website for the Grout Southern Touring Route is a destination-based tourism site that provides regional information for tourists and promotes the member venues.

We have worked on this project with a local marketing agency who have had some great ideas, and the theming has been developed to give them plenty of flexibility when populating the site.

The case study will walk through the theme design and some interesting techniques used for specific features.

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