Deployment with Capistrano

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Kim Pepper
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This session will show you how to automate the deployment process in a few easy steps using Capistrano.

Capistrano is a ruby gem and has been the defacto deployment for Ruby on Rails applications for a number of years. It provides a deployment toolset using 'convention over configuration' with a number of features:

  • Automatic ssh into remote servers using public keys
  • Deploy by pulling the source from a git or svn repo
  • Keep an unlimited number of previous releases to allow rollbacks
  • Create symlinks to persistent assets across releases (images files etc).
  • Run migration scripts etc

Capistrano can be easily extended to provide custom behaviour. We have used this to create our own gem that helps us with some Drupal-specific features, such as running Drush commands to:

  • Automatically backup the database before deploying
  • Run update.php
  • Clear caches

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