Drupal 101: Introduction to Drupal

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Matthew Lechleider
Skill Level: 
Implementation & Config

Are you attending Drupal Down Under? Afraid majority of the presentations will be too advanced? Attend Drupal 101 and be prepared for the entire weekend.

Presentation will cover both Drupal 6 and 7!

Jump into the driver seat with a hands on experience known as the "Drupal Test Drive". Not only will we cover an introduction to Drupal, you will also be given a free temporary Drupal website. Learn how to create and edit content. Utilize open source modules to extend functionality of your website. Add users and manage groups with permissions. Plus your temporary website is available on the Internet to play with after the event.

Key Points:

  • Who is Drupal?
  • What is Drupal?
  • Where did Drupal come from?
  • When did Drupal start and when will it end?
  • Why use Drupal?
  • How to speak Drupal: blocks, cck, regions, roles, taxonmy, views.
  • Getting involved in the Drupal community

Why learn Drupal from Matthew Lechleider?
Traveling all the way from Chicago to Brisbane, Matthew will ensure your transition into the Drupal community is as smooth as possible. Matthew has organized the Chicago Drupal Meet Up Group almost five years and has been teaching free monthly training events since. Over time Matthew traveled the world introducing people to Drupal and has won over many fans. Long story short, Matthew has a vast amount of Drupal training experience and is traveling a long way to help you learn.

Drupal Test Drive Details:
If you plan to take advantage of a Drupal Test Drive, please contact me and/or make a comment below. Your webspace will be setup ahead of time.

QLD FLOODS: DrupalDownunder update.