Drupal IS for everyone

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Bernie Cram
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I came to Drupal from a design background, working in a not for profit organisation. I began building the website both because of an interest in the area and because of a need to get a site for work which did what we wanted.

This talk is aimed at people without a development or programming background who may be concerned about the level of knowledge required to get drupal working for them. The sites I build use all contrib modules but I have been able to get it to do almost everything I have needed, with a little help. If I can do it, you can too! There is a whole community out there ready and willing to give you help and advice as well. I am speaking from the perspective of someone who is working solo and does not have an in house drupal experience pool to draw upon.

Talking for beginners, I will look at getting started in Drupal, why it is a good tool for community, education, not for profits and even designers! I will touch on resources such as D.O, G.D.O, irc, meetups and tutorial sources. The importance of planning to avoid feature creep and how much do you need to know about the tech side of things.

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