Drush: from Beginner to Advanced

Sunday 23rd January
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9:00 - 9:45am
Glo Digital Room
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Matthew Lechleider
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Boris Gordon
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Drush: Intro, Installation and Basics

Drush is a command line shell and scripting interface for Drupal, a veritable Swiss Army knife designed to make life easier for those of us who spend some of our working hours hacking away at the command prompt.

Drush will download and update modules, clear the cache, index your search results, and perform useful database operations. You can also extend it by installing commands that have been contributed or by writing your own.

Attend this session and learn that Drush is your new best friend. Be one of the cool kids who say "Oh, you wait for the entire module page to load in a web browser?? I just use Drush".

Key Points:

  • What is Drush?
  • Introduction to Command Line Interface
  • Installation of Drush
  • Useful Drush commands to get started
  • Drush to backup
  • Drush to download/update Drupal core
  • Drush to download/update modules/themes
  • +more

If time allows, I can demo a sneak preview of "Drush IRC".

Advanced Drush

As a Drupal developer you find yourself building up a collection of shell scripts, aliases and other tools to automate your regular tasks. This includes things like installing a local development copy, working with remote development, staging and production instances, deploying and testing updates and managing the configuration differences between different environments and sites.

The DRUpal SHell (Drush) can do more than download packages from d.o and clear the cache when you're working on a theme. Its real power comes when you automate it to power your own scripts. It allows you to write smart, robust and reusable tools and is a great platform on which to standardise your workflows.

This session will explore the features of drush beyond the basics and show examples of how it can be used to improve your custom scripts.

Technology - latest drush, shell scripting, drupal 6 and 7


- automated site installation
- remote site management
- database management
- development environments
- deployment
- drupal object manipulation (users, nodes, variables)
- testing
- custom commands

QLD FLOODS: DrupalDownunder update.