Saturday 22nd January
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9:00 - 9:45am
Glo Digital Room
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Simon Hobbs
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From their early origins in Views, their standardization in Chaos Tools, through to the mind-blowing achievements of Features, exportables have made a big impact on easing the pain that comes with UI configuration.

Exportables provide a way to put database configuration into code. This code can then be used directly in a module, or imported into a site. Exportables enable an iterative cycle of database overrides and configuration export back to code.

Views, Panels, Context, Custom Formatters, Features, Strongarm and plenty more modules leverage the power of exportables, and this is set to grow in Drupal 7.

In the context of Drupal 7, this talk looks at:

  • the basic landscape of exportables,
  • which existing modules are compatible,
  • the hooks that are exposed, and
  • how to make your own module's data exportable.

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