Fancy Pants WYSIWYG Editing

Sunday 23rd January
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10:00 - 10:45am
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Implementation & Config

A common complaint heard from migrants of other web systems that ship with an out of the box WYSIWYG editor is the lack of one when installing Drupal. When they discover the dizzying array of options available and the configuration required to get one working they often wonder why Drupal doesn't just tidy up TinyMCE and be done with it like WordPress.

This session will show some of the reasons why a one size fits all WYSIWYG editor isn't always enough. We will demo some more advanced WYSIWYG setups that include linking, image handling, custom styles and demo a commissioned module that allows insertion of rich custom content types with a fancy modal interface based on the nodepicker module.

Technology - Drupal 6, WYSIWYG API, javascript, some custom module code, CKEditor, TinyMCE


- An overview of WYSIWYG in Drupal
- Image handling and insertion options
- Pathologic module
- LinkIt module
- NodePicker module
- Styles
- A fork of the Nodepicker module for WYSIWYG insertion of rich custom content types
- Managing configuration when deploying

QLD FLOODS: DrupalDownunder update.