Inkscape: mockup that site

Saturday 22nd January
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11:15am - 12:00pm
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Skill Level: 
Skill Level: 
Design & UX

Inkscape is an open source vector graphic editor. It is fantastic for creating mockups, and web images.

Bring the freedom you love in Drupal to your desktop graphic tool set and give Inkscape a go.

This session will introduce Inkscape and its key features, and then demo some of my strategies for creating mockups - for the client, and for the dev team. From low-fidelity sketches, to the complete design... Inkscape should be in your toolbox.

Download for Mac, Linux and Windows from

Fabulous flexibility from SVG

Inkscape is worth the 45 minutes. After just 20 minutes with Inkscape I added Christmas to a Web site.

I worked on one project where the owner paid thousands of dollars to a graphic artist to redraw a logo each time the Web site required a different size. I now know the graphic artist spent about 20 seconds exporting the SVG logo in a different size JPEG.

$8000 for 20 seconds work??? Perhaps we should just keep Inkscape a secret for a while...

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