Keynote: Drupal as the future Web Platform

Sunday 23rd January
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4:00 - 4:45pm
Glo Digital Room
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Contrary to what buzz-hungry pundits may say, the web is far from dead. Indeed, the growth of web domains and websites is accelerating as more and more people worldwide gain access to fast, reliable net access and begin making the transition from information consumer to information-sharer.

However, the problem of content management remains unsolved for most users, be they individuals looking to express themselves, businesses looking to engage customers, or international NGOs seeking to fulfill their mission more effectively. A disorganized (and dizzying) array of narrow point-solutions, custom builds, and open source tools crowd the field.

In this context, Drupal is uniquely positioned to break through as the first all-around platform for the web. Major challenges remain, but many are already being addressed by Drupal core, and/or by various elements within the wider community. This presentation makes the case for Drupal as a leading platform for the future web, reviewing the opportunities at hand and laying out some of the work to be done to realize the full potential.

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