Keynote: Goodbye Centralization, Hello Distribution: An Introduction to Git

Saturday 22nd January
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1:20 - 2:05pm
Glo Digital Room
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Git is a powerful distributed version control system that the Drupal community is moving towards, so what a perfect time to get acquainted with the newest tech to integrate with Drupal. I'll cover how Git differs from centralized version controls systems like CVS as well as a "how to" to utilise some of Git's key advantages.

Intended audience:
Non-Git users, new Git users and people who'd like to understand better how Git differs from traditional VCS.

Questions answered by this session

  1. Question 1: How does Version Control traditionally work?
  2. Question 2: What is Git?
  3. Question 3: What is the difference between centralized and distributed version control?
  4. Question 4: I'm use to CVS or SVN, how do use Git to achieve the same results?
  5. Question 5: What other cool things can I do with Git?

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