Migrating to a Drupal Web Environment

Saturday 22nd January
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3:30 - 4:15pm
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Fiona Bush
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Skill Level: 
Implementation & Config

Are you considering moving to Drupal from another environment? Learn about some of the issues we faced and how we got around them when we decided to migrate from a paid Microsoft environment to an Open Source Drupal environment at the ANU College of Law.

The session will cover details about the technology and environment we migrated from and to.
What drupal modules we used and how we tailored them in our Drupal environment to meet our needs.
We tried to accommodate the transition based on the skill level of our users.
We will discuss the methods we used to get our users trained and using the new Drupal environment and technology.

If your interested in this session Chris Skene has a presentation on building and managing a shared drupal distribution for the University as a whole.

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