Millennium 2.0 Integration: A Public Library Case Study

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Implementation & Config


Real-world story of a public library fully adopting Drupal. With no previous CMS, legacy content and online catalog are migrated to Drupal and Millennium 2.0. Presentation covers everything from initial requirements, to design/theming, and finally focusing on the Millennium 2.0 Drupal module integration with an existing OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog).

Presentation will walk through various stages of the project, including our research into other OPAC solutions and ultimately why we chose to use Millennium 2.0 Drupal module. Learn about our assumptions, mistakes, and how to save yourself time.


The Waukegan Public Library (WPL), 40 miles north of Chicago, was looking for an affordable CMS to upgrade their web site, making it more engaging for users and easier to maintain. WPL staff chose Drupal, but had no idea how to move forward. We assessed Waukegan's needs to build an entire project with Drupal fulfilling every requirement. On November 11th, 2010, in the middle of our research and testing of various OPAC tools and modules currently available, the Millennium 2.0 OPAC Integration module was released. It fit WPL's needs exactly. We were just completing initial theming, and had the luxury of jumping directly into Millennium 2.0.

Project is scheduled to launch in the first week of January 2011, so it will be live well before Drupal Down Under, and ready to show off the power of Millennium 2.0 as well as any challenges and pitfalls encountered in implementation and theming.

Library staff members. Libraries running Drupal. Libraries looking into adapting Drupal. Developers working on library projects. Anyone researching OPAC and/or Millennium integration. Session assumes a basic familiarity with Drupal site-building and theming but focuses on the Millennium 2.0 module so that even those with an interest in library OPAC integration but without hands-on Drupal site-building experience will benefit.

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