Dries Buytaert: Dries is well known and loved by the Drupal community. He is the founder and project lead of Drupal and is currently based in Boston, USA running Acquia. He serves as president of the Drupal Association, a non-profit organization formed to help Drupal flourish.

We're very excited to have Dries coming down under for his first visit to Australia. What an awesome opportunity for the community to come and hear from the founder of Drupal himself!

Drupal: history, coummunity, future

Josh Koenig

Josh Koenig: Josh is top league when it comes to Drupal. He is a co-founder of Chapter Three: a cutting edge Drupal consultancy based in San Francisco, California. His involvement in Drupal spans over 7 years with contributions in modules and core patches. Their latest happening news is Pantheon. Pantheon is Drupal on a supercharged cloud stack with the community's best practices built in from the beginning. For more info on Pantheon check out: Get Pantheon

We're really stoked to have Josh as a Keynote. This is one speaker to bookmark!


Allie Micka

Allie Micka: Allie is passionate about Drupal and her work stands for itself. She is a brilliant coder and we're very excited to have her as a Keynote Speaker. She runs a successful company called Advantage Labs and is currently based in Minneapolis, USA. Allie has been a contributing Drupal developer for over 5 years and has released many modules. Her specific area of focus is integrating contact information into Drupal sites, and using it for Mailings, CRM, and integrating this information with outside resources such as Geospatial information, Quickbooks financials, or just about anything else.

Without a doubt, a speaker to look forward to.


Josh Waihi

Josh Waihi: Josh is a Drupal developer at Catalyst IT in Wellington and one of the Drupal 7 database maintainers. He is a PostgreSQL specialist when it comes to Drupal and one of the coolest geeks known to the Drupal Community. He is an IT Rockstar but more than that, he is a Drupal Rockstar! We're looking forward to hearing what Josh has to share... definitely a presenter not to miss.


See you Downunder!

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