Who's Who

Interested in knowing more about those behind DrupalDownunder? Want to get in touch with someone in your State regarding Drupal Meet-ups? Check out the list below, look up some tweets and click on the Drupal Names to access their profiles and be able to contact them.

The Brisbane Drupal Downunder Team

Jeff and Sheree Hanbury
website: marmaladesoul.com
Drupal username: jeff h and Marmalade

Tony Aslett
twitter: taslett
website: csscreator.com
Drupal username: taslett

Sean Bannister
twitter: seanbannister
website: Sean Bannister .com
Drupal username: SeanBannister

James Beake
twitter: jambe
Drupal username: bejames

Chris Hood
twitter: univate
website: univate.com.au
Drupal username: univate

Josh and Kat Walker
twitter: soniktrooth
website: marmaladesoul.com
Drupal username: sonictruth and Kat Walker


Linux Australia liason

Donna Benjamin
twitter: kattekrab
website: kattekrab.net
Drupal username: kattekrab

Linux Australia Finance liason

Peter Lieverdink
twitter: cafuego
website: cafuego.net
Drupal username: cafuego

The State Reps:


Justin Freeman


Ryan Cross
twitter: ryancross
website: ryancross.com
Drupal username: rcross


Simon Lindsay
twitter: singularo
website: stratoserp.com
Drupal username: Singularo

Micheal Priest
twitter: pingers27
Drupal username: pingers


Tony Miller
twitter: eightyoptions
website: eightyoptions.com.au
Drupal username: drasgardian


Brian Gilbert
twitter: realityloop
website: realityloop.com
Drupal username: realityloop

Simon Hobbs
website: emspace.com.au
Drupal username: sime


Alex Bergin
twitter: alexbergin
website: drupalise.com.au
Drupal username: alexkb

Thomas Sutton
twitter: thsutton
website: www.bouncingorange.com
Drupal username: thsutton

See you Downunder!

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